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Biases form over time in our subconscious as preferences that reflect our society’s belief system. These unconscious biases impact how we interact, react and make decisions.

Biases also influence behaviors that would seem to be offensive or insensitive to others – without us even realizing that harm is being inflicted. This can be detrimental in the workplace.

Top Challenges

Professional and personal relationships suffer from division and polarization
Microaggressions cause negative repercussions at work and beyond

Introduce Solutions

Recognize and unlearn your own unconscious biases
Create a new level of understanding to build and rebuild bridges of DE&I
Leverage our microlearning options to practice with 3D simulations

what our clients say

“When looking for a way to help our associates have meaningful conversations around belonging and inclusion, we turned to Fierce. The simulations allow us to provide actionable real-time learning to embed the desired behaviors.”

Chantell Brandt
VP of Leadership Development at Hancock Whitney

Solution Details

As human beings, we are far more influenced by our biases than we often recognize or want to admit. Thus, DE&I training is a valuable investment, but it’s not enough to stop there. While the presence of diversity may be increasing in your organization, it’s a lot harder to measure how effective people are at including individuals when they join the team. It’s crucial to go above and beyond to put learning into practice.
Through real-world 3D simulations developed by renowned DE&I expert Kaplan Mobray, we teach your team how to dismantle bias by tackling the root causes head-on, in the safety of a virtual space. Prior to Kaplan’s professional speaking career, he served as U.S. Diversity Programs leader at Deloitte.

Diversity & Inclusion
Diversity expert Karith Foster has developed our courses to address issues of diversity and leadership. Her award-winning INVERSITY solutions and philosophy focus on empathy, active listening, responsible reactions, and environmental awareness. Karith’s Stereotyped 101 training takes the “division” out of traditional diversity training.


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of workers in the U.S. experienced discrimination or harassment in the past year
Source: Gallup


of job seekers consider diversity as an important factor when considering employment opportunities
Source: Glassdoor

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