Fierce Negotiations Training I Master the Art of Deal-Making


Master the art of deal-making.


People negotiate, not businesses. Skilled fierce salespeople remain authentic, clear in resolve, and willing to interrogate multiple competing realities. They know that negotiating is far more than just a transaction, it is a relationship, and they use emotional capital to build trust and guide conversations to a place where solutions are discovered.

Fierce Negotiations® is not about compromise. It’s about how sales professionals can gain the most value and meet their needs while enriching the relationship — steering negotiations to favorable outcomes that lead to success, both personally and professionally.

Companies that invest in sales training see a surge of up to 343 percent ROI.


Effective Negotiating Starts Here.

What You Need to Know

Negotiating doesn’t have to be a struggle. Learn to expand thinking, examine competing perspectives, and uncover solutions with this core Fierce program.

Fierce Negotiations® is a virtual instructor-led workshop for sales teams. You’ll start by exploring traditional negotiating techniques and uncover what works and what doesn’t. Next, you’ll reframe the negotiation process using proven Fierce techniques and framework. Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to practice new skills with other professionals using your own real-life examples.

Outcomes to Expect

      • Properly prepare for successful business negotiations.
      • Identify your own needs in a negotiation and those of the other party.
      • Examine shared potential and opportunity beyond the current negotiation.
      • Confidently close negotiations while being mindful of the ongoing relationship.

Start Upgrading your selling skills.

Ready to master negotiations? Connect with us to learn how you can bring this powerful sales training into your organization.

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