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  • 30 days of unlimited access to Pulse
  • Free Live coaching session
  • Assessment at the end on your stress reduction

The stress that causes burnout is produced by more than just traumatic stress. It’s silent, everyday stress, that gradually, and then suddenly, leads to a state of being overwhelmed.

The stakes are high, your organization deserves a custom and scalable solution to solve the unique problem of stress and build resilience within your company.

Stress was here before the Pandemic. Research has shown that exposure to a traumatic event can increase our sensitivity to daily stress. This increased sensitivity to stressors can end up intensifying PTSD symptoms thus creating a spiraling stress response cycle.

Since the Pandemic:

  • 75%

    of people report feeling more isolated

  • 67%

    report higher stress

  • 57%

    report greater anxiety

  • 53%

    report feeling more exhausted

The drain on your employee’s resilience is real. Stress is a 300-Billion-dollar liability and much of that cost is a result of silent stress. The latest “Stress in America” poll by the American Psychological Association (2021) showed more Americans cited work as a top source of stress verse any other source. Results have been consistent over time: from 2019 until 2021.

Chief Behavioral Science Officer Gabe De La Rosa Ph.D.’s Whitepaper: The Impact of Stress at Work

Organizations and individuals alike are at record levels of frustration, feeling hopeless and not sure where to even begin. Generic stress management is not the answer for building resilience.

You must be surgical in the way you approach stress. That can be hard to do when you lack clarity in:

  • What stressors are unique to you as an individual?

  • What events or people stress you out?

  • What type of stress management works for you, and the stress you are feeling?

Studies have shown that while 95% of people think they are self-aware, only 10-15% truly are.

Self-awareness is a critical skill for resilience. Most generic wellness solutions lack personalized objective data that helps build unique self-awareness around stress.

This is exactly why we created the Pulse App.

The FitBit of Corporate America

Pulse is a custom and scalable stress reducing tool. It’s an integrated app that connects to your employee’s smart watch, utilizing their heart rate variability data, we deliver personalized insight around their stress events and then we provide tools and resources to tackle their toughest obstacles.

For over 20 years, Fierce has worked with 3 out of 5 Fortune 500 companies to solve their toughest interpersonal challenges. Now we want to help your organization reduce their stress and increase your organizational resilience.

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Pulse/Fierce Has Been Seen In

“The Pulse App by Fierce has emerged as one of the most important employee well-being innovations in recent history.”
-California Business Journal

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How Pulse Works

  • Leveraging calendar integration, your employees can identify their own unique everyday stressors. We give you an hour-by-hour stress score on a scale of 1-4. 1 being no stress and 4 being your biggest stressors. We help you spot your 4's so you can tackle your toughest challenges first.

  • Your employees will build deep insight by spotting patterns and grouping events through tagging. Utilizing self-reflection, we allow people to think about their everyday stress in a new way. What meetings are draining them? What co-workers are triggering? How do they respond to their everyday work life?

  • They move to action! Whether they use our AI Susan Bot or a Pulse Coach, they’ll have access to Fierce proven tools so they can match the stressor with the right solve. Best of all, you can add to their resources, we can customize your home page to incorporate wellness, learning and employee benefits you’re already investing in.

Heart Rate Variability – HRV

HRV is the gold standard for identifying stress
  • After 1 week you will receive a refined stress score showing you hour by hour stress data

  • Your resilience score takes into account your top stressors and your positive stress, allowing you to track how resilient you are becoming

Ready to try Pulse free for 30 days?

Meet the Experts Behind Pulse

Meet the Experts Behind Pulse

Gabe De La Rosa

Chief Behavioral Science Officer

Gabe brings more than 14 years of Industrial and Organizational Psychology experience. He earned his Ph.D in Industrial / Organizational Psychology from Bowling Green State University in 2008, and has published work in journals such as the Journal of Addictive Behaviors (an international peer-reviewed journal), and edited books such as The Handbook of Employee Engagement, which is considered an invaluable resource for organizational psychologists.

Prior to joining Fierce, Gabe spent over 7 years at The Naval Center for Combat and Operational Stress Control, where he was responsible for understanding and enhancing organizational factors impacting performance among sailors and marines.

Ed Beltran

Creator and Visionary of Pulse

CEO of Fierce Inc.

“Since the founding of Fierce 20 years ago, we’ve been on the cutting edge of communication training serving nearly half of the Fortune 500 companies. Our original visionary Susan Scott’s iconic best-selling book, “Fierce Conversations”, which has been sold nearly 1 million copies, transformed how we do conversations. Now, we’re offering leading-edge technology solutions and unleashing Fierce as the ‘API of Human-to-Human connection’. Pulse is meant to help companies ensure they stop toxic culture and support a transparent and low stress culture that drives results. Like a pilot, for leaders visibility drives success.”

– Ed Beltran

Executive Leaders & Pulse

Your employees are not the only ones that need to be smarter about stress. You are an eco-system and senior leaders need to look at the overall resilience of the organization.

Using aggregate data, Pulse can show executives how resilient or stressed your company is, and we can measure it. The Pulse app will give your organization a resilience score, made up of the individual data within your organization. You can track the health of your company and its stress, and build keen insight into your culture, employee engagement, and employee turnover.

We respect your employees’ privacy so no personal identifying information will be part of the dashboard. Further building trust between you and your employees.

Results from Pulse

When companies empower leaders to tackle their interpersonal communication challenges and focus on conversations, we saw:

The same old approach for stress reduction will lead to more turnover, a more burned-out workforce, and billions of dollars lost.

Build your workforce to be able to manage every day silent stressors by building resilience that will lead to work happiness, increased productivity, and reduced unwanted turnover.

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