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Hello, everyone, I want to share a research related article from Forbes that states that 50% of people are self aware. The study was shared by IO psychologist Tasha Eurich. She states that 95% of people think they’re self aware, where in actuality only 10 to 15% really are. The study scientifically links people who are self aware with better performance at work, getting more promotions, and most importantly, leading more effectively. And it also shows that companies with more self aware people generally perform better financially. So amazing results with these linkages.

The research advocates for being internally and externally aware. The reason why this article interests me is because of the work that we’re doing at Fierce or we’re linking our conversation tools, which help you tackle your toughest challenges, with scientifically reducing stress, and also achieving higher and personal success. However, we run into the same core issue, which is a lack of self awareness to pinpoint what it is that’s causing angst and or the problem that needs to be solved. The starting point really is self exploration and analysis and then asking for feedback in your environment.

You know when something’s not right, and it’s absolutely up to you to stay awake and manage your gradualies to navigate more of your desired suddens. We’re passionate about this work and making it easy for people to identify their daily stressors and then tools to tackle them head on.

Thank you and remember the conversation is the culture.

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