The Forgotten Generation: Reflections from a Gen Xer | Fierce


Uh, hello? Remember us? The ones commonly referred to as “latch key kids”? {ahem}

Okay, sure. Even though we like to come off as tough, we may feel forgotten and voiceless in this battle between generations. And, yes, we can come off as self-absorbed as our desire for change occasionally trumps relationships. But “slackers”, we are not.

We hunger for diversity, for changing the system, for achieving some sense of balance in a lop-sided world. We have utmost respect and gratitude for our parents who worked themselves to the bone so we could enjoy a richer life. And we appreciate the younger set as they continue to push the momentum for a more connected world forward.

We want to work with both of you, Boomers and Millennials, to help bridge any gaps of skillset and mindset so we can all come out on top. We found our way, Millennials, so relax… you will too. It isn’t the Boomers who are making it difficult; it’s your perception of them that is getting in your way.

And Boomers, thank you for your ongoing resilience. If ever a generation has shown an ability to withstand change, it’s you. Keep going in that direction. And, hey, give these kids a break every once in a while, okay?

This piece was written in response to a generations blog post recently featured on our blog.

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