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Hello Everyone,

I just read an article that is a great reminder for the power of sleep on your daily performance. A cross-survey of 500 CEOs, 48% say they get less than 6 hours where recommended is 7-8.

Not getting proper sleep has such an impact on you:

  • Increased blood pressure, weight, blood sugar leading to heart disease
  • Impacts on your moods and cognitive abilities which can impede your performance at work.

They prove some tips such as shutting own screen time a few hours before bed, eliminating coffee and alcohol 4 hours before sleep, and using white noise.

I recognize how impactful sleep is to get in a 30-40 mile ride at 5am, to then be on my “A” game during work and after for my family. I started using a Fitbit to study my sleep.

What I found was staggering. I could be in bed for what I thought was 8 hours of sleep only to find out it was actually around 6 hours with even less categorized as quality sleep. This allowed me optimize my sleep as well as gave me confidence when I would wake up, not feeling my best to know that I did in fact get the necessary sleep to perform.

This leads me to the innovation we have launched called Pulse. It helps you identify stress bio-metrically from Fitbit and other wearables to become self-aware when matched with calendar events and GPS.

Instead of just managing stress with better sleep, exercise, diet, and so on, we take it a step further with a coach or our propriety AI bot to tackle your stressors head-on through tried and true conversation techniques that we have been teaching for over 20 years.

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