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Align Your Leadership, Strategy and Culture With Our Executive Team Coaching Session

Executive teams face unprecedented challenges as the pandemic continues. Change management has become the norm.

Our executive team coaching session teaches senior leaders how to create alignment with one another over strategic priorities by engaging in conversations that yield results.


Meet Charles D. Smith:

NBA Legend | US Olympian | Fierce Facilitator


NBA powerhouse Charles D. Smith is unstoppable. Since stepping off the court after a decade playing for the Los Angeles Clippers, San Antonio Spurs and New York Knicks, he now dominates the world of business as CEO of Lifestyle Services Group and through leadership coaching as a Fierce Facilitator.

We are proud to partner with Charles D. Smith to help businesses bring their performance to the next level by applying his winning mindset from the world of professional sports. From leadership to team dynamics, he’s been there and aced that. His insights fuel results at corporations across the country, empowering teams to go above and beyond to achieve their best potential — ultimately boosting the bottom line.

Charles D. Smith Fierce Facilitator


Increase in employee engagement when leaders engage with training


Surge in total returns when leaders are effective communicators

With Executive Team Coaching, you will:

Identify the most pressing communication challenges your team is facing

Understand how effective teams communicate and the best tools to use

Achieve leadership buy-in through clarity, alignment, and team support


What’s Included In Our Executive Team Coaching

A. Assessment / Pre Strategy Session
We’ll start with 1:1 coaching to address your team’s top challenges. Over two two strategy calls with your Fierce Master Facilitator, you’ll cover:

  • Salient issues and desired outcomes
  • Elements that will bring clarity, alignment, and support for the leadership team
  • How to get key individuals on board to realize goals
B. Strategy Session

Engaging in the right conversations at the right time will ensure smooth strategy, alignment, and execution. You’ll learn from the core foundational principles of Fierce Conversations in order to:

  • Assess the organization’s current state and which conversations led up to this reality
  • Define the common language and strategic approach that will help tackle issues
  • Identify key relationships necessary to build and maintain momentum
  • Remove barriers that may get in the way of progress
C. Post Strategy Session
60 days later, you’ll reconnect with your Fierce Master Facilitator for a follow-up with the leadership team to:

  • Evaluate outcomes and how communication has improved
  • Plan future sessions to address new challenges as they arise

Contact Information

Fierce, Inc., 300 Lenora Street,
PMB 1674, Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 787-1100


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