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Our Clients


From fast-growing startups to family-owned businesses to multinational corporations, we help people talk about what really matters.

We truly have the best clients on the planet. They rely on us to design and deliver programs which
develop leaders, transform cultures, and provide a common framework for measurable results.

We proudly partner with clients from a broad array of companies, educational institutions, and government organizations.
But really our clients are the individuals. Fierce affects so much more than a company. It changes lives.

Our programs are available in multiple languages and have been delivered on every continent—except Antarctica (and we’re willing to go there too!). We welcome the opportunity to bring Fierce to you.


“Everyone I’ve spoken with is excited about the next session and eager to learn more. I have searched to find someone who has some skepticism and I have yet to find anyone. This is very thrilling for me! I am so taken with this content that my hope is for us to continue to bring it into our culture by including every division in the training to help us create a fundamental shift in the way we communicate and build relationships across the organization.”

— Kelly Paine, Manager, Accounting, Costco
“Fierce Conversations has proven to be one of the most practical, thought provoking and relevant programs we offer to our associates today. It gives them tools, skills and courage to have those ‘needed conversations’ with authenticity and grace, whether in the workplace or in their homes. Everyone’s talking now.”

— Lou St. Ville | HR, Director of Education and Development, Crate & Barrel
“Fierce is different from other training because you have real people, showing up as their real and authentic selves, solving real issues.”

— Mary Buscher, Organizational Development Specialist, Sammons Financial Group
“Changing old traditions within an established industry requires new ways of doing and being. Fierce has given us the ‘permission’ we need to change behaviors and the tools we need to make it happen. The quality of conversations is improving and leading to innovation and change.”

— Tiffany Austin, Internal Learning Consultant, Symetra
“This program is applicable to all levels within the organization. The skills learned have the potential to bring a complete transformation to the conversation you and your team members have. It was one of the best trainings I have ever participated in.”

— Peter Lynch, VP Learning and Organization Development, AIMCO
“Fierce Accountability has given our managers across the globe a shared approach. The model empowers employees to confront their own issues and focus on the results they want to achieve.”

— Steve Gaurberger, Director Human Resources, Medical Devices, Covidien
“Fierce provides people with the permission to know their opinion—to understand their perspective is valid and has a place to be heard. It gives people a safe way to start conversations and bring things to the table.”

— Jim Bernardo, Chief Operating Officer, Presbyterian Senior Living
“Fierce Conversations and its suite of workshops have been instrumental in giving our leadership team practical, easy-to-use tools with a common language to hold each other able and support each other on our personal and professional journeys.”

— Ben Martin, Sandra Cohen, & Brand Schutz, Service Alternatives
“Traditionally, with management training, many solutions are confining and cookie cutter. Fierce’s training is versatile and pertinent to all roles in an organization. You can immediately apply what you learn and drive real results. Our teams have become more engaged, productive and eager to resolve issues before they escalate.”

— Mark Wilson, Senior Manager Training, Development, & Recruiting, Cincinnati Bell
“We were lucky enough to be able to provide Fierce training to our entire organization, and it has been transformational in the way we communicate across our entire organization.”

— Courtney Graham, Director of Human Resources, ReadyTalk
“My team can match any team. There is no question that the ‘Fierce Conversations’ program was a significant contributor to our success and the key to many good decisions. Now our goal is to drive this down into the organization. It is timely. In an industry as growth-oriented and competitive as ours, we can’t afford not to have conversations like this every day.”

— Peter Neill, Executive Director, Network Engineering, AT&T Wireless
“Fierce Conversations changed the fabric of our organization. Our leaders now have a common toolkit of conversational strategies that bring results. It’s been life changing for people–personally and professionally.”

— Nancy Bradley, Iowa Department of Education
“The Fierce session allowed us to bring a diverse working group (both in experience and in roles) together under a common theme that affects us all. It proved empowering to many on our team.”

— Laurie Houck, Executive Director of Campaign Operations, University of Washington
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