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We’ve all been in situations where the other person denies, deflects, or defends during an important conversation. One of the best ways to regain control is by going deeper to consider all points of view and take on the issue, not the individual.

Confrontation is actually far from scary. Believe it: confrontation conversations lead to positive change more often than not.

Top Challenges

Confrontation is often considered a daunting, unpleasant experience
Avoiding confrontation can actually make problems get worse over time

Introduce Solutions

Address attitudinal, behavioral, or performance issues
Identify and salvage what may be at stake if nothing changes
Take tough issues head-on with skill and confidence

what our clients say

“Fierce Conversations has proven to be one of the most practical, thought provoking and relevant programs we offer to our associates today. It gives them tools, skills and courage to have those ‘needed conversations’ with authenticity and grace, whether in the workplace or in their homes. Everyone’s talking now.”

Lou St. Ville | HR
Director of Education and Development, Crate & Barrel

Solution Details

Learn proven techniques to dig for a full understanding of the issues at hand and how to avoid common confrontation pitfalls. Build confidence even further by having a solid game plan — tee up any confrontation in 60 seconds or less.
Fierce Foundations
Learn how to undo old assumptions, spark new insights, and lay the groundwork for transformation across your organization.

Fierce Confront
Take the fear out of addressing conflict by changing the way you think about confrontation. You’ll walk away with a new approach that strengthens your working relationships.

Fierce Coach
Identify the most important topics at hand through a question-based approach that empowers you to realize your own solutions and potential.

Fierce Feedback
Transform feedback sessions into candid, consistent, two-way conversations that prevent culture corrosion and support highly-functioning teams.


Fierce for Life Membership gives you access to multiple learning options and solutions.


of employees experience conflict in the workplace
Source: CCP


of employees agree that negative feedback, when delivered appropriately, helps improve performance
Source: LinkedIn

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