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There’s often a razor-thin edge upon which conversations reside. Keep conversations from descending into discord by mastering the art of feedback.

Top Challenges

Fear of feedback leads to poor productivity and talent attrition
Lack of trust between employees and leaders can dismantle the entire organization

Introduce Solutions

Create an honest and authentic culture where relationships are naturally strong
Establish a regular feedback cadence to be sure everyone is on the same page
Explore ways to become more accountable as individuals and as teams

what our clients say

“Fierce provides people with the permission to know their opinion — to understand their perspective is valid and has a place to be heard. It gives people a safe way to start conversations and bring things to the table.”

Jim Bernardo
Chief Operating Officer, Presbyterian Senior Living

Solution Details

Learn to love feedback and stand tall in confrontational situations. Staying on course and correcting the path when necessary requires constant vigilance. Make a commitment to productive and honest dialogue that sparks lasting change – your team and bottom line will thank you for it.
Fierce Foundations
Learn how to undo old assumptions, spark new insights, and lay the groundwork for transformation across your organization.

Fierce Feedback
Transform feedback sessions into candid, consistent, two-way conversations that prevent culture corrosion and support highly-functioning teams.

Fierce Coach
Identify the most important topics at hand through a question-based approach that empowers you to realize your own solutions and potential.


Fierce for Life Membership gives you access to multiple learning options and solutions.


of survey respondents agree that negative feedback, when delivered appropriately, helps improve performance
Source: LinkedIn


lower turnover rates at companies providing positive and negative feedback vs. no feedback at all
Source: Gallup via LinkedIn

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