How to Build a Resilient Workforce by Leveraging Cutting Edge Technology | Fierce

A Fierce Webinar

How to Build a Resilient Workforce by Leveraging Cutting Edge Technology

Thursday, May 18 at 11am PT

Fierce Resilience is the #1 skill-set needed today, and yet most lack the self-awareness and understanding on how to truly tackle their stress in order to build this critical skill.

Traditional thinking around resilience focuses on elevating your toughness or just gives you the tools to manage your stress. They typically avoid removing stressors or proactively fixing the problematic situations that are the cause of stress.

Fierce resilience is about empowerment, so you can take control and be proactive around your stress response cycle. Most people focus only on the coping, Fierce Resilience starts at the beginning by building your self-awareness, understanding stress, and tackling your interpersonal challenges and learning how to leverage practical tools to tackle your toughest stressors head on.

In this one-hour webinar take a deep dive into how to build a resilient workforce and learn about Fierce’s new cutting edge product, Pulse! Pulse is an app that builds resilience by measuring a user’s stress and enables immediate and deep insight. Users access tools at their fingertips, empowering real time conversations to reduce their stressors and builds skill.

In this webinar you will learn:

  1. A modern and deeper understanding of Resilience and Stress
  2. Learn new cutting edge technology with Pulse to elevate your self-awareness
  3. What are key 21st century coping mechanisms to build resilience

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