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With the holidays behind us and a fresh, clean, New Year ahead of us, it’s probably time to take stock on the strategies that we use to achieve our outcomes. I’ve got three that I tend to use, I keep it really simple and I just want to share them with you in the event that they might be helpful to you as well.

Of course, first and foremost, set clear, measurable goals and then write down your plan on how you expect to achieve them. Make sure you’re checking to see if there are any of your skills that need some cleaning or some honing and integrate that into your plan as well.

Once you’ve set the goals and you have a plan in place, start talking with those around you and share it with them.

Your peers, boss, direct report, team, the people around you, that can provide some feedback so you can course correct along the way as necessary, or give you some encouragement to keep going to achieve your goals.

Remember to be flexible, right? There are multiple ways to achieve outcomes, give yourself some grace to take some different paths. It’s also important to really get a true sense of who you are. And that reminds me of the quote from Peter Drucker, a business expert, who said Most people think they know themselves really well and most people are wrong”.

Even the most self aware among us need some feedback from people, some outside sources of information, to get a true sense of who we really are, so have those conversations. Establish some relationships and some with some trusted colleagues, mentors and people around you who can give you some information to get a better, truer sense of who you are.

Take some self assessments, get some information, collect some data on yourself or even use.

Consider using our app pulse by fierce, which tracks your heart rate variability so that you can get a better sense of what causes you stress throughout the course of your day, your week, your month and equipped with that information, you can take necessary steps to ensure optimal performance so you can achieve your goals as successfully as possible.

Finally, pay attention to how you integrate everything into your life in a way that brings you true joy.
Use a journal to track your energy and your emotions throughout the course of the day, your week, your month, your year.

After you do that, not only will you have a record to that you can review and adjust and course correct going forward, just the mere act of writing things down helps to slow your mind and to help you to achieve greater focus.

Now I know there are all sorts of things that can bring pressure and stress in our lives, and I’m not going to contribute to yours by telling you to have a great year. Instead, what I will do is to wish you the year that’s just right for you.

Be well.

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