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Disruption will happen. Be prepared.
Disruption can emerge from virtually any source and can occur anytime. Likely, this happens when you least expect it — after all, that’s why disruption tends to be, well, disruptive. But just because something unexpected happens, doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared to manage and even embrace change within your organization.

Top Challenges

Failed communication and resistance
Lack of alignment and collaboration

Introduce Solutions

Learn 3 transformational ideas that will invite collaboration and cooperation

Identify your context and change your behavior

Drill through layers of resistance, build trust, and emerge stronger together

what our clients say

“Changing old traditions within an established industry requires new ways of doing and being. Fierce has given us the ‘permission’ we need to change behaviors and the tools we need to make it happen. The quality of conversations is improving and leading to innovation and change.”

Tiffany Austin,
Internal Learning Consultant, Symetra


Change, by its very nature, is a perpetual process, and attempting to treat it as a one-off blip won’t deliver your desired results. There will always be another personnel change, market disruption, or global event around the corner that will disrupt your standard of operations. That’s why we offer two programs that will help you, your leadership team, and your company, embrace changes so they fuel — and not stall — your momentum.

Fierce Foundations
Learn how to undo old assumptions, spark new insights, and lay the groundwork for transformation across your organization.

Fierce Coach
Get to the heart of the matter – and act on it – fast. Learn how to uncover solutions, unblock professional paths, and prompt potent action.

  • Live Virtual Instructor-Led Training 
  • Instructor-Led Training 
  • On-Demand Learning 

Fierce for Life Membership gives you access to multiple learning options and solutions.


of organizations expect to multiply the types of major change initiatives they will undertake in the next three years
Source: Gartner


of corporate leaders and organizations position digital transformation as a top priority
Source: Gartner

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