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Fierce Tip- Fierce, Inc

Fierce is not a neutral word.

It can evoke a strong emotion, especially when you ask people to make their conversations fierce.

We define a Fierce Conversation as one in which you come out from behind yourself, into the conversation and make it real.

We live in a culture where we filter most of our conversations, and because of that they remain surface level. A Fierce Conversation encourages you to switch from this surface mentality and instead get more engaged.

What we mean by this is to bring more of yourself to the conversation by peeling off the masks you may wear around certain topics – this doesn’t mean it’s always about having long conversations or inappropriate disclosure.

Rather focus the time you have on making your conversations count. Remember that one of the Four Objectives of a Fierce conversation is to enrich the relationship.

This week observe the interactions you’re having with others and take note of moments where you may not be fully showing up, whatever the reason may be.

Challenge yourself to get involved in your conversations.

Build on the momentum of last two Fierce Tips of the week: Let Silence Do the Heavy Lifting, and Be Here Prepared to be Nowhere Else. These are both principles of a Fierce Conversation and can help you take that next step in being more present and authentic.

Listen to yourself, if you feel like you’re holding back – you probably are.

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